May 17

Degrees Employers Want

Trying to decide what to major in during college? In 2010, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a large consulting firm, asked 100 human resource professionals which degrees have the best chance of helping students find employment. Here are the six degrees that rank highest in terms of employment.

No. 1 – Health Care Degree
Graduates with recession-proof degrees in health care could find great success. More than one in four (26.3 percent) human resource professionals picked health care as the best bet for job security. Nurses are receiving the most employment offers in this category.
Desirable Degrees: Nursing,  Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Medical Technician
Average Starting Pay: Nursing: $52,178, Health & Related Sciences: $35,869

No. 2 – Business Administration Degree
A business degree is the most popular bachelor’s degree in the country. Graduating with a degree in business administration puts job seekers in the second strongest position overall, just behind health care, according to the Challenger survey.
Desirable Degrees: Business, Business Administration, Business Administrative Support
Average Starting Pay: Business Administration: $44,171

No. 3 – Computer Science Degree
Graduates who study computer science are indispensable, so computer science ranks as the third most valuable degree in today’s employment market.
Desirable Degrees: Computer Science, Technology Support, Information Technology and Systems
Average Starting Pay: Computer Science: $61,783, Information Sciences & Systems: $49,318

No. 4 – Accounting/Finance Degree
Finance and accounting graduates can expect more jobs to be available as the economy improves. Graduates with this degree have a bright future.
Desirable Degrees: Accounting, Finance
Average Starting Pay: Economics: $53,453, Finance: $50,535, Accounting: $49,022

No. 5 – Engineering Degree
Eight of the top 10 best-paid majors are in engineering according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. In terms of employment, engineering is ranked fifth in number of jobs.
Desirable Degrees: Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering,  Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Average Starting Pay: Petroleum Engineering: $90,000, Computer Engineering: $59,298, Mechanical Engineering: $60,598

No. 6 – Marketing Degree
Demand remains strong for marketing graduates in the business world. A more general business administration degree, ranked number two overall, gets the edge in today’s tight job market because of its broader application.
Desirable Degree: Marketing
Average Starting Pay: Marketing: $41,948

All salary information from the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Winter 2011 Salary Survey, which looked at starting salary offers for new Class of 2011 college graduates.

Adapted from a Yahoo! Education article by Chris Kyle. www.careersolutionspublishing.com

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