Mar 16

Best Jobs with a Two-Year Degree

You don’t have to spend four years in college to qualify for a great job with good pay. These good jobs require a two-year degree.

Career  No. 1 – Human Resources Assistant
Businesses, educational institutions, and government need a human resources staff to help take care of their workforce. Starting as an HR assistant, you’ll help maintain employee records for your company, including employee benefits.
Average Pay: $36,650. A two-year degree, good skills, and some experience, may move you into a human resources specialist position with a higher salary.  Two-Year Degree: Associate’s in Business Administration

Career No. 2 – Medical Assistant
The U.S. Department of Labor anticipates a much faster than average growth in employment of medical assistants through 2018. As a medical assistant, you will be responsible for administrative and clinical tasks in your office, including updating medical records and recording patient vital signs.
Average Pay: The average annual salary for medical assistants is $28,650. Salaries for medical assistants vary with experience, skills, and location and can go higher.Two-Year Degree: Associate’s in Medical Assisting

Career No. 3 – Corporate Paralegal
Do you want to start a legal career in a fraction of the time lawyers spend in law school? The Department of Labor anticipates employment of paralegals will grow 28 percent from 2008-2018. Corporations are expected to hire more paralegals to help them manage legal costs.
Average Pay: The average annual salary for corporate paralegals is $46,980.  Two-Year Degree: Associate’s in Paralegal Studies

Career No. 4 – Web Designer
As a web developer, you will create websites targeted to reach a specific audience. You will create your client’s message so it is delivered attractively and efficiently. Since almost every company has a website these days, employment opportunities should be good over the next decade.
Average Pay: According to PayScale.com, the average salary for web designers is $77,010.  Two-Year Degree: Associate’s in Graphic Design

Career No. 5 – Bookkeeping Clerk
The Department of Labor anticipates over 210,000 new accounting jobs will be created through 2018. With an accounting associate’s degree, you can begin as a bookkeeping clerk. Responsibilities may include maintaining accounting records, dealing with accounts payable, or even maintaining an entire company’s books.
Average Pay: The average annual salary of bookkeeping clerks is $33,450. Two-Year Degree: Associate’s in Accounting

Career No. 6 – Emergency or Trauma Nurse
Emergency and trauma nurses are registered nurses (RNs) that care for patients in life-threatening or emergency situations. You will need technical skills and clinical training in this profession. This degree program will also prepare you to take the licensing exam to become an RN.
Average Pay: The average pay for Registered Nurses is $63,750.  Two-Year Degree: Associate’s in Nursing

Salary information represents May 2008 data and is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Adapted and updated from a Yahoo! Education article. www.careersolutionspublishing.com

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