Feb 09

Looking for a Hot, New Career?

Mix technology, excitement, and some basic skills and you can grow a career in a field that didn’t exist few years ago. You can get in on the ground floor as these careers expand.

Hot New Career No. 1 – Social Media Strategist

Do you love Twitter? Why not get paid to tweet? Social media workers figure out the best ways to get messages out to the masses using the latest tools online. This involves blogging, tweeting, and using sites like Foursquare and Facebook to find and communicate with customers.

Related Degrees: Business Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, Web Design and Development

Average Salaries: Bloggers: $32,000, PR Writers: $58,740, Social Media Strategists: $61,000

 Hot New Career No. 2 – Homeland Security

If you are looking for an important, challenging career, consider Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security, which was formed as a result of the September 11 attacks, provides everything from cyber security to border protection.

Related Degrees: Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Information Systems Security, Paralegal 

Average Salaries: Executive Branch Paralegals: $58,540, Federal Criminal Investigators: $73,170, Customs and Border Protection Agents: $92,558

 Hot New Career No. 3 – Forensic Accounting

Who knew that a calculator could be this powerful? See Will Ferrell in the hit movie The Other Guys if you want to learn how forensic accounting careers hit the big time.

Related Degrees: Accounting, Finance, Business Administration

Average Salaries: Auditing Clerks: $32,510, Forensic Accountants: $73,000, Financial Analysts: $73,150

 Hot New Career No. 4 – Online Video Game Designer

To give you an idea of just how big online video games have become, in 2010 an estimated 200 million people played video games online each month, according to a report from the University of California at San Diego Extension.

Related Degrees: Animation, Graphic Design, Programming, Video Game Design, Web Design

Average Salaries: Graphic Designers: $42,400, Multi-Media Artists and Animators: $56,330, Video Game Designers: $57,000

 Hot New Career No. 5 – E-mail Marketing Manager

Big and small companies use e-mail marketing to reach current and potential customers. Although it’s more cost-effective than using the U.S. Postal Service, it’s still a relatively new method, which means e-mail marketing managers are still working out the kinks.

Related Degrees: Business Administration, E-Business/E-Commerce, Marketing

Average Salaries: E-mail Marketing Managers: $69,000, Advertising Managers: $80,220, Marketing Managers: $108,580

 Hot New Career No. 6 – Home Health Aide

While not exactly a new profession, home health aides are seeing increasing opportunities. Not only does the population continue to grow, but also many retirees need a part-time or full-time home health aide to take care of them.

Related Degrees: Licensed Practical / Vocational Nursing, Nursing (ASN, BSN, MSN)

Average Salaries: Home Health Aides: $25,000, Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses: $39,030, Registered Nurses: $62,450

 *Average salary information for Bloggers, Email Marketing Managers, Forensic Accountants, Home Health Aides, Social Media Strategists, and Video Game Designers comes from SimplyHired.com in August 2010. All other salary data represents the mean annual wage in May 2008, according to The U.S. Department of Labor.

 Adapted from a Yahoo! Education article by Chris Kyle. www.careersolutionspublishing.com


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