Feb 08

Bridge Jobs

I talk in some classes about bridge jobs. A bridge job is a part-time job (or summer or volunteer, etc.) that you are qualified for NOW (without college or additional training) that will allow you to gain experience and exposure to the industry in which you are interested.

Example:  If you want to be a veterinarian someday, a bridge job could be volunteering at the Red River Zoo or the Human Society or it could be a part-time job at PETCO or Pets R’ Inn (in the mall) or Rover’s Playhouse (doggy daycare) or Eddie and Barkus (canine daycare grooming and hotel – I’m NOT even making this up!). These are great high school/college jobs in which you can gain experience with animal care. You get to test out the industry without putting in a lot of time, money, and effort (think college tuition, classes, and applying to vet school). This allows you to MAKE SURE it’s what you want to do. And you gain excellent references (if you’re a good employee, of course). So, who do you want writing your recommendation letters for vet school – your manager at the grocery store or the veterinarian on staff at the pet place you worked at in high school?

Bridge jobs can be a very effective way of gaining experience in your industry -AND testing it out before you spend thousands of dollars studying in that area!  These jobs are a “bridge” to the next step (college major, internship, clinical experience, student teaching, etc.) – get it – bridge?!

There are many bridge jobs for you that can be found on the part-time jobs site.

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