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Have a great summer! See you next fall!


Good Luck with Finals! Congrats Seniors!

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Get plenty of sleep, eat breakfast, and study study study! Good luck with finals this week. Congratulations, Seniors!


Service Learning Packets DUE FRIDAY!

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All Service Learning packets are due Friday, May 23, by 4:00 p.m. in the Career Center, located in the library.


Catch-up Week

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It’s the last full week of school. This is a busy catch-up week for students completing projects, assignments, quizzes, and tests from throughout the semester. Every point counts this week! Good luck!


Follow Friday: Me

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This is a shameless plug for you to follow me on Twitter (@paipperspach). You won’t find anything juicy (other than juicy is a synonym for inappropriate right now), but you will find relevant articles and links to information for high school students. I post about scholarships, part-time jobs, and other opportunities available to you. This is especially relevant for seniors – lots of future stuff for you including career (not in fast food) and college information.


TbT: Money

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Remember when you were young and you didn’t have to worry about money? Yeah, well, now you do. Check out the part-time/summer jobs posted now. Develop skills and earn money this summer.


Word of the Week Wednesday: word roots

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Here is a great quizlet already made that will help you with root words and your vocabulary. Enjoy!


Take Time Tuesday: Interviewing

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Today and tomorrow our seniors will be participating in mock interviews with business members from the community.

One helpful tip is to take a breath before answering a question. The reason for this is because so many of us have a habit of starting with “um” or “well” or a tongue click before we start answering the question. We don’t even think about it, we just do it. This can become very distracting in an interview. If the interviewer asks you 10 questions, and you say “um” before answering each one, you just said “um” 10 times…..not including the “ums” within your answers.

This is helpful, not only for interviewing, but aslo for any place that asks you a question before placing an order. Do you want black beans or brown? “Um, brown.” Do you want white or wheat bread for your sub? “Um, wheat.” What size coffee would you like? “Um, grande.”

So, the next time someone asks you a question, take a breath in, and then give your answer. If you take a breath in, it’s physically impossible for you to say “um” at the same time. Problem solved!



Below is part of an interview between Education World and Dr. Alex J. Packer, author of “How Rude.”

EW: What would you say are the five most important etiquette rules for students?

Dr. Packer: The number one rule, of course, is: Never cause the chalk to squeak. Beyond that, I surveyed hundreds of students and teachers while writing How Rude! Here are the top seven answers when I asked teachers, “What manners-related behaviors most impress you in students?”

Saying “Please” and “Thank you.”

Thoughtful listening and questioning.

Asking for help in a polite manner.

Showing kindness and understanding toward their peers and adults.

Free yet thoughtful expression of their views.

Saying they’re sorry and meaning it.

Thanking me for teaching them or helping them understand.

Another area where some teens lack good manners is in the way they treat their peers. They say things that are hurtful and unkind. They bully, tease, and exclude. They make cutting comments about people’s looks, speech, clothing, race, ethnicity, and/or sexuality. Adults are doing a fine job turning the world into a divisive, intolerant, hypocritical, violent mess. You’d think teens would want to do their utmost to create an opposite climate for themselves. The golden rule for students should be to respect the rights, property, opinions, feelings, ethnicity, intelligence, achievements, and personal tastes and styles of others. In other words, thou shalt not bully, harass, speak hurtfully, cop an attitude, backbite, spread rumors, or put people down because of their looks, abilities, family, background, and/or sexual orientation. – See more at:


Check out this handy site that ranks North Dakota occupations by education. (starts with less than high school and progresses as you scroll down). Have fun!