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Here are some great Twitter accounts to follow to stay up-to-date on school stuff and more:






and, of course me – duh!  Mrs. Aipperspach @pennyfromfargo

Have a great and safe long weekend!


Throwback Thursday: 1963

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August 28, 1963 “Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his I Have a Dream speech before an audience of 250,000 near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.”

Another new favorite source:


Word of the Week Wednesday: Magnanimous

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Word of the Week–“Magnanimous”
Definition– Magnanimous – courageously noble in heart and mind. Having, or showing generosity, often in the context of being forgiving.
Discussion– Most of us think of ourselves as being magnanimous, but are we really? How often can we let painful a personal interaction, go unchallenged? Is one magnanimous, if they are accepting of vendor who repeatedly apologizes about an unresolved problem, or are we just to wimpy too express our anger? Can one be magnanimous, when reminding people that “I told you so!”? I think not, because being magnanimous is a trait, while appearing magnanimous is really just an act. Those of us who have witnessed this “false” magnanimous behavior, on the part of a boss, teacher, parent, or even a friend, know that acting magnanimous, is just that, an act.  The source for this week’s word is my new favorite site:

The deadline for application packages for our service academies is October 1, 2014. Seniors interested in applying to the naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, or Military Academy (West Point), here is the website:

Stop in the Career Center with any questions.

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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to school! Whether you are a Packer or a Mustang, we are excited to start the new year with you. Mrs. A. will be at Sheyenne High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year and WFHS on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – when not teaching at the middle schools. As always, Ms. Schacher will be in the Career Center at WFHS each day from 8:30 – 3:30. And you can reach Mrs. A. by email with any questions any day of the school week.

Visiting with Mrs. A. or Ms. Schacher in the Career Center is a fabulous way to get a jump start on planning your future. We can answer questions you didn’t even knew were your questions yet! Stop in and chat about colleges, part-time jobs, job shadow experiences, ACT testing, resumes and applications, interviewing, and more!

It’s going to be a great year!



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Have a great summer! See you next fall!


Good Luck with Finals! Congrats Seniors!

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Get plenty of sleep, eat breakfast, and study study study! Good luck with finals this week. Congratulations, Seniors!


Service Learning Packets DUE FRIDAY!

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All Service Learning packets are due Friday, May 23, by 4:00 p.m. in the Career Center, located in the library.


Catch-up Week

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It’s the last full week of school. This is a busy catch-up week for students completing projects, assignments, quizzes, and tests from throughout the semester. Every point counts this week! Good luck!


Follow Friday: Me

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This is a shameless plug for you to follow me on Twitter (@paipperspach). You won’t find anything juicy (other than juicy is a synonym for inappropriate right now), but you will find relevant articles and links to information for high school students. I post about scholarships, part-time jobs, and other opportunities available to you. This is especially relevant for seniors – lots of future stuff for you including career (not in fast food) and college information.